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K2 links for JCE Advanced Link

*: Price: $3.99 / 1 year

Download Count: 725

K2 links for JCE Advanced Link

Compatibility:compat_15_nativecompat_16_nativecompat_17compat 25
Version Now: 2.0.2


This is a VERY GREAT plugin for Fast creation of links in JCE Editor to any Page K2 component!

Feature list

  • The creation of links to K2 component:
    • Links for categories or subcategories
    • Links for k2 items
    • Links for My Account
    • Links for Moderate comments to my published items
    • Links for k2 tags to items
    • Link for "Latest items from (one or more) uesrs or categories" page
  • A link is inserted into the correct Itemid
  • Work at the site and admin panel
  • 4 Support JCE 2.x

Version History

Version 2.0.2:

  • Support JCE 2.x
  • Add Link for Item edit form

*: Price: $3.99 / 1 year

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