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Launch of the component

Now let's talk about the work of the component JAchievements. Here are 2 tabs («Components — JAchievements»):

  • Achievements — achievements, which users will receive. Here you need to create / edit.

  • Achievements of users — already received the achievement of users. Here you can view them or deleted. Also here you can create a specific user to achieve individually.
You can also view a video how to use the component JAchievement at


Create / Edit achievements

To create a achievement in the terms of component JAchievements need to determine two things: the condition - this is what will give the user the achievement, the action - is the action component in obtaining achievements.

A simple example. We need to create an achievement for 100 friends. Upon receipt of this achievement, you must get 10 points of karma.

Click the button «New» Control Panel.



We need to specify the name (title) and description of the achievement. Also, you must set the «Published» to «Yes», to achieve was active. On the right, in component settings you can specify an icon for your new achievements:


«Ach image original» - main image achievements. It is necessary for the automatic creation of icons small, medium, large. If you have prepared all three icons themselves, then load them into the appropriate fields: «Ach image small», «Ach image medium», «Ach image large».

After that we just have to specify the condition (conditions) reaching from the «Library Conditions» and the desired action from the «Actions Library».

As one can see I have a condition «for 100 friends», and the action «Add to karma 10». Save the achievement of the button «Save» and it's done!

Every user who has 100 or more friends will receive this achievement, as well as 10 points in the karma. View of the achievements can be obtained in the second tab page of our component - Achievements of users.


Achievements of users

This tab is needed to view the achievements of users. But you can manually create users achieve individually. For example, the site administrator needs to be done to achieve «100 friends», but they had only 3 =).

Create / Edit

To create the achievements need to click on «New» and the following form:


«Achievement» - choice achievement.

«User» - user for whom you are aware of individual achievement.

«Percent» - the percentage of completion for achievement. This parameter is important. If you specify 0, then the user will receive the achievement of just, free. If you specify instance, 50%, it means that he will need to score at 100 friends and 50 friends to get this achievement.

Now you have to complete the work remains only available with a library of conditions and actions, and begin to create achievements for users on your site!

Removal of the achievements

You can delete by achievement. To achieve this it is necessary to select and click on the button «Delete» to the panel.