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Component requirements

Сomponent JAchievements installed into Joomla! 1.5, and the only thing that is required for its operation is a plugin «System - Mootools Upgrade». To work successfully JAchievements need to check whether this plugin.
This plugin is a standard «package» Joomla! 1.5. He does not need to seek and install.

Preparing for Installation

Before installing the components necessary to check whether the plugin «System - Mootools Upgrade» in Joomla! 1.5. To do this, go to «Plugin Manager» in the admin panel of your website.


In the plugin list to find the «System - Mootools Upgrade» and make sure it is enabled, as shown in the following image:


As can be seen, the plugin «System - Mootools Upgrade» included, ie you can install the component JAchievements.

Install the component

You can also view a video on how to install JAchievement at:

After you have received a zip-archive JAchievements you're ready to install. Installation of this component is very simple. In admin panel need to go to the Installation Manager («Extensions - Install \ Uninstall»). Next, you must specify the Package file to install. In the file selection dialog, specify, which is downloaded from our site.


After this, please click on the setup «Upload File & Install». Component JAchievements install and you should see the following:


If you have any problems with the installation, please contact Support.

Configure the component

Component JAchievements easy to use and also easy to configure. To access the settings window on the feature page («Components - JAchievements»), click «Parameters».
You will see a window of the component parameters:


«Path to achievements folder» - is the directory on the Web-server of your site data storage component. It should be available for writing.

Each achievement has its image in 3 images - small, medium, large. Options «Small size images», «Medium size images», «Large size images» set sizes for these categories.

«Automatic creation if images» - automatic creation of icons to reach from the main picture («Ach image original»).

«The name of template» - name of the template for output. JAchievements has its own templates for displaying information to the user.

If you change any settings, click «Save» JAchievements and will work with the new parameters.