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  • Now the component JAchievements the following features:
    1. Automatic assignment of the Achievements of social network users JomSocial for certain actions:
    2. For the completeness profile
    3. A number of friends
    4. For the number of invited friends
    5. The number of downloaded video
    6. For the number of loaded photos
    7. The number of profile views
    8. A number of established events
    9. For the number of photo albums created
    10. For the number of written comments with JComments
    11. For the number of blog MyBlog
    12. Authorization for the site in your day Birthday
    13. For the number of participations in the events
    14. For the amount of karma points
    15. For the number of listings;
    16. For the number of reviews;
    17. For the number of topics;
    18. For the number of posts;
    19. For many months have passed since the registration
    20. For the amount of participation in groups
    21. A number of established groups
    22. For authorization on the site on certain days (eg holidays)
    23. For the number of authorizations on the site
    24. For the number of incoming private messages
    25. For the registration site
    26. Registration number on the website
    27. To achieve without conditions (provided by a moderator) (you can think of absolutely any achievement, and to extradite him specific users)
    28. A number of achievements received
    29. For the number of submittions ( ability to set categories Zoo);
  • Create and customize their own achievements through the admin panel
  • Integration with JomSocial through plugins (code JomSocial unchanged)
  • Support for JomSocial 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 2.0
  • Record information about getting achievements in Active Stream
  • Add Karma p0er of received points for achieving the set through the admin panel) after receipt of the achievement
  • Insert icons on the advances in the avatar user profile
  • Application for jomsocial - reach the user - is set in the profile
  • Module recent or random achievements
  • Convenient configuration through the admin panel component
  • Support for custom templates output
  • Upgradeable - can add all kinds of achievements
  • Easy installation and setup;
  • Automated Installation JAchievements

    The delivery component of the module is included recent achievements, which you can place on your site.

    Component JAchievements really very convenient and useful system of achievements! Make it yourself!